• A Weekend of Romance
March 25, 2020

A weekend of romance: 2 days on Waiheke Island

Sometimes a dreamy, romantic weekend on Waiheke Island is all we need to reconnect. Away from the hustle and bustle of it all, you can escape to Waiheke and indulge in the sweet life together. Whether it’s for a special birthday, anniversary, or a surprise getaway to show your spontaneous side – here are some of our favourite things to do for a wonderful, whimsical weekend on Waiheke for two.

Day 1:

Soar to new heights on a tandem zipline

Love is always in the air at EcoZip. And what better way to experience something exhilarating together than a tandem, side-by-side zipline across vineyards and native bush? You’ll get decked out in matching helmets and harnesses and be able to live out your me Tarzan and you Jane fantasies together. Zip along from one course to the next, sing your praises for the breathtaking beauty around you and remember to declare your love for one another before taking the next big leap of faith. Once back on solid ground, you’ll be whisked away on a guided walk through an ancient forest, deep into the lush green surrounds full of legends and natural wonders. Hand holding absolutely permitted.

Wine and Dine amongst the Vines

The sprawling vineyards on Waiheke Island are dreamy in every way. Especially at places like Peacock Sky Vineyard where you can wine and dine amongst the vines amidst stunning creatures like peacocks and pea hens. Enjoy a decadent dining experience in the atrium or the outdoor terrace surrounded by exquisite winged creatures roaming peacefully about. Stroll through a beautiful nature trail of native bush and cross a wooden bridge over enchanting streams. Or sample award-winning wines in the Tasting Room each accompanied by complimentary food pairing. Here’s a toast to island life!

Sunset on the beach

Watching the sun set on one of Waiheke’s beautiful beaches together is as romantic as it gets. The soft white sands, that soft coastal breeze in your hair, it all feels a bit like happily ever after. As it should be, given that Waiheke Island is one of the top holiday destinations here in New Zealand. The sheltered bays and beaches on Waiheke are popular for swimming and boating, with magical sunset kayaking tours also available.


Day 2:

Brunch in bed

Pop out to Timbuktu Nomadic Deli and grab breakfast treats to surprise to your partner with. A blissful brunch in bed is definitely a good way to win hearts, especially with some of the incredibly divine creations you’ll find at Timbuktu Nomadic Deli. Amazing coffee, mouth-watering meals with plenty of vegan options available, this is a global tasting experience located in Ostend that you won’t soon forget.

Delamore Day Spa

For the ultimate pampering experience on Waiheke Island, escape to Delamore Day Spa to top off your wonderful weekend of romance. This is where couples can indulge in exquisite pampering from head to toe. It’s not everyday you get time away together like this, so a relaxing body therapy session with access to a jacuzzi and sauna is just what you need, and will leave you both in such a blissful state of mind that you’ll be planning your return to Waiheke Island before the days end.

Where to Stay:

From intimate luxury hotels to cosy cottages, boutique lodges and villas with a view, there is a variety of accommodation options on Waiheke Island to choose from for the most romantic island getaway. You’ll find a beautiful selection of accommodation dotted all around the island whether its hilltop or beachside, so come and discover your piece of paradise here on Waiheke Island.

Contact us for more inspiration on how to spend your time on Waiheke Island.



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