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About Us

It would be fair to say we didn’t initially envisage constructing three giant, awe-inspiring, ziplines; or flying-foxes, as they’re known here in New Zealand. In fact we didn’t really plan on building anything.

Back in 2010 we were merely friends who met occasionally to share a beer and a yarn. What we had in common then, and still do today, is a passion for the outdoors and, particularly, for hiking in New Zealand’s beautiful backcountry. We also share an affection and appreciation for craft beer, which is where the EcoZip story really started; in a small bar on Auckland’s north shore.

How, we mused, could we introduce people to the wonderful native forests that surround our city? Particularly people visiting Auckland, possibly with little time on their hands and unprepared for the rigours of backcountry hiking. After much deliberation the EcoZip idea was born; though the name came later and is still the subject of debate over who first coined the phrase.

Before we’d even found a site we started evaluating other ziplines and our research eventually saw us visiting Costa Rica, Alaska, Hawaii, California, Utah and elsewhere in our quest to find, and adopt, the very best in zipline design and technology.

While we were still arguing over who came up with the name we did manage to agree on a few things. Like the ‘spec’ for our business. We agreed that to truly deliver the most spectacular experience our ziplines needed to:

• Incorporate the latest, greatest and, above all, safest zipline technology

• Deliver stunning long-range views, from an amazing location

• Encompass dual ziplines and so transform a usually solo experience to a social one

• Transport our guests, via the ziplines, into a stunning tract of original, pre-European, native New Zealand forest

Fast-forward to 2016 and we think we’ve nailed the list.

When you get here you’ll discover that the long-range views from our site are incredible and our unique, dual ziplines let you share this amazing experience with your friends. Zipping first over a vineyard and then over, and into, spectacular native New Zealand forest is both unique and wonderful. Finally, in terms of technology, our ZipStop system - developed right here in New Zealand - is the world’s most advanced zipline braking system.

Working with us we have a small team of enthusiastic, passionate guides – each of whom, as you’ll see in their profiles, brings some unique traits, skills and characteristics to the EcoZip family.

We look forward to welcoming you to EcoZip Adventures on Waiheke Island.

Chris & Gavin

Our Team