Lets Talk!

Business Opportunity


Do you have a site you think might be suitable for ziplining activity?

Do you need help assessing its potential viability?

Not sure where to start?

Find you have more questions than answers?

EcoZip Adventures has developed an extremely successful ziplining operation on Waiheke Island, off the coast of Auckland, and is currently in the process of developing another site in New Zealand.

With the knowledge and experience built-up by ‘zipping’ tens of thousands of happy customers we are now actively looking for further collaborative opportunities – whether on a consultancy, joint-venture or franchise basis.

If you’d like some assistance assessing your site or plan for suitability we can help. And, if after we’ve provided our initial assessment, you’d like to take things further, we have a team of multi-disciplined experts in-house who can help you develop, build, market and manage a world-class adventure tourism attraction.




  • Site & market feasibility
  • Zipline course design & build
  • Operations – recruitment, training & management guidance
  • Safety management plans – development, implementation and review
  • Sales & marketing plans - development & implementation
  • Ongoing, full site management – let us run your attraction for you


EcoZip Adventures is also open to dialogue about co-investment or joint-venture opportunities. In the first instance, please email us at, or simply call us on +64 (0)9 372 5646, and ask for our Managing Director, Gavin Oliver.

Any contact will be treated in the utmost confidence. We’ll be happy to sign your non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement, or we can supply one for you.