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EcoZip’s ‘Top Free Activities on Waiheke Island’

One of most common questions our guides, who are all Waiheke locals, answer is: “What are your recommendations for other activities on the island?” Some of these recommendations are so great that we gathered up our top free activity suggestions, as voted by our guides, and posted them below. Did we mention they were free? In no... read more >>

Joining the EcoZip guide family

The EcoZip courtyard is bathed in glorious spring sunshine and the view over Puketi Bay, the inner Hauraki Gulf and on to Auckland is worthy of a picture postcard. Perched on a bench are six young people; three guys and three girls.  They’re chattering happily and although most of them only met a few moments... read more >>

Changing Seasons: A Forest In Flux

One of the things that makes New Zealand such an amazing place to visit is the fact that its landscape and wildlife are in a state of near-constant flux.  The seasons overlap and flow into each other so it seems as though they’re forever changing, as is the case right now.  Spring has flown by and... read more >>

Happy 5 Years

In a couple weeks it will be 5 years to the day since EcoZip first opened its doors to the paying public.  Our first real zipper, after hoards of volunteers had zipped and in doing so allowed us to sharpen the skills we’d been taught in a sometimes bewildering induction course, was called Belinda.  Understandably,... read more >>

Welcome To Our New Website

After nearly 5 years we're excited to unveil our new website. Built by Sword Fox in Queenstown our new site is designed to take advantage of the latest in website design and functionality.   As always, we think we've thought of everything, but we also know we don't know what we don't know.  So if you spot... read more >>

Feel The Fear and Zip Anyway

Whenever we have a group of friends or a family book in with us, there are inevitably one or two members of that group who are more scared than excited about the prospect of flying down our awesome ziplines. That’s completely normal and nothing to be ashamed of but studies have shown that there are... read more >>