Potential ferry delays this summer

There may be delays with your travel time to Waiheke Island. 

Auckland’s waterfront is undergoing a major facelift.

Between now and the America’s Cup in 2021 the main arterial road, Quay St, will transform from a vehicle-dominated road to a green, shared space. The project’s architects, Auckland Transport, have a vision for Quay Street and the area around the ferry terminal to ‘become a revitalised waterfront place, with wider footpaths, easier navigation, new street furniture, more trees, and greater opportunity for business and events.’ However, while the redevelopment is taking place there is significant disruption that is affecting both public and private transport and pedestrian access.

Allow plenty of time to make your EcoZip Adventures connection

During summer we believe this disruption will have a knock-on effect for customers attempting to board ferries.

The process of widening the footpaths in the ferry basin area may, from time to time, impede access to the ferry terminal and its adjacent piers. As a consequence, there may be pressure on waterside infrastructure, including Fullers360 Ferry ticket offices and embarkation piers. We are therefore recommending that our guests allow longer to board their ferry than they might otherwise do.

With Fullers summer timetable in place, and a ferry leaving for Waiheke every 30-minutes during the day, we recommend you travel on the ferry that precedes the one on which you were planning to travel.

EG: If you’re booked on our 10:15 am tour

We’d usually recommend catching the 9:00 am ferry to meet your EcoZip connection at Waiheke - however we recommend you catch the 8:30 am ferry.

EG: If you’re booked on our 3:15 pm tour

We’d usually recommend catching the 2:00 pm ferry to meet your EcoZip connection at Waiheke - however we recommend you catch the 1:30 pm ferry.


By allowing a little extra time we hope your travel will be stress-free and, by arriving a little early, you’ll be at the head of any boarding queue.

If you’re unsure of when to travel or need further information, please don’t hesitate to call our team at +64 (0) 9 372 5646 or you can email us at

We look forward to welcoming you to EcoZip Adventures!