• A green difference for less than the cost of a coffee
February 27, 2019

A green difference for less than the cost of a coffee

With our weed and pest management programme now delivering significant results and with no room left for further tree planting on our site, we decided it’s time to cast our net further afield.   We’re therefore excited to announce a new partnership with Waiheke Resources Trust and Love Our Wetlands – Waiheke.

Wetlands are one of New Zealand’s richest natural resources.  They’re a haven to endangered bird, fish and plant species and, acre-for-acre, wetlands are home to more species than bushland.  Wetlands are also like mother nature’s kidneys, improving water quality, processing nutrients, trapping sediment and filtering contaminants from water before it flows in to the sea.  And, crucially, wetlands play a massive role in trapping carbon; wetland peat bogs, made up of fallen tree and plant debris, are capable of sequestrating carbon for centuries.

Planting - EcoZip

Now you can help us make a difference for less than the price of a coffee…

A donation of just $4 buys a 5-litre, eco-sourced native tree or plant, like the puriri, taraire or kahikatea our guests see from our track, or the flax (harakeke), pohutakawa or kowhai found bordering our site.  These are just a few of a truly diverse planting range which also includes the mighty kauri, the cornerstone of the indigenous forests of the upper North Island; kauri can live for up to 1,000 years so a donation could still be thriving well in to the next millennia!

Donations are entirely optional and whether large or small they’ll have a significant impact – rehabilitating the island’s coastal forests, offsetting the carbon emissions of ferry travel and helping to ensure future generations will be able to enjoy Waiheke’s verdant, peaceful vistas.

Voluntary donations can be added as part of the online booking process on our website, or via donation boxes on site at EcoZip.  Donations can also be made ‘offline’ when making personal or group bookings with our front-of-house crew.

It’s amazing to think that just $4 can achieve such a lasting legacy and one we know our clients will want get behind.


Loads of interest from Richie on our conservation work. Which Tim was happy to talk about
Bit of a special visitor recently; bearing an award; our Qualmark 100% Pure New Zealand trophy.
We’re back from Friday 3rd December - and we’re double vaxxed!  We’re looking forward to welcoming you back to our little slice of island paradise
And another award, on top of the earlier 100% Pure NZ!
Managed to grab a shot of all but one of the team following a recent day dedicated to helping some local charities. Wonder if we can get one of everyone before the end of 2021!
After a year of closed borders and cancelled business events up and down the country, it was brilliant to host Aussie and Kiwi buyers in town for the Meetings 2021 trade show #meetings2021
So what do you do when you work on an island that’s described as ‘paradise’ and you want to take the whole EcoZip team away for a well deserved break? You head to Rotovegas!
How cool is this! The next generation of ‘tree huggers’ - and a pretty epic birthday party at EcoZip!
We did another photo shoot on Sunday, prepping for new website. Here’s a behind the scenes shot of our brilliant volunteer talent