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We recommend you work your way through these Frequently Asked Questions which should answer most, if not all, of your queries. If you still can’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us and one of our front-of-house team will be very happy to provide all the answers you need. Thanks!

What shoes should I wear?

The tracks between ziplines are an easy walk, on a gravelled track, and includes some steps, it’s not an endurance hike! Overall, it’s 1.2km (3/4 mile or 1,300 yards) in length, so footwear suitable for a walk of that distance is a good idea. In the winter months, especially after periods of rain, the track may be muddy, so don’t wear those expensive, brand-new, ultra white numbers! We recommend trainers, hiking shoes or, in summer, decent walking sandals.

Is there much walking involved?

The longest walk at Rakanui Station, which we take to access the first zipline take off deck, is about 470m (520 yards); like all the walks, it’s on a gravelled track, and includes some steps. The other walks between ziplines are relatively short and not steep. In total, you’ll walk about 1,200m or ¾ of a mile. On the short walks between ziplines, our expert guides will describe the history of the region, share stories of the local people, and explain how your participation in the EcoZip experience is helping to restore sections of Rakanui Station’s farmland back to native forest.

Groups must keep together on the tracks and move to the timings of the guides to ensure you meet your Unimog transfer. Don’t worry though, there’s plenty of time to stop and take photos along the way!

What do I need to bring with me?


Ziplining is an outdoor activity and New Zealand weather is very changeable – we often experience “four seasons in one day”!

The sun’s rays in New Zealand, even on a cloudy day, can be very intense. Sunscreen and a hat or cap (which can fit under a helmet) are highly recommended. If cold weather is forecast, bring a warm jersey or fleece and consider bringing a rain jacket if rain is forecast.


Rakanui Station is a working farm, and that means livestock have been around and may have left the odd souvenir! It’s also hill country, with walking trails, paddocks and streams so you don’t want to be in those new, neat, white sneakers! We recommend trainers, hiking shoes or decent walking sandals.


You’re welcome to zip with your camera or phone as long as it’s fastened to you – ask about our phone bungees!

What age must children be to qualify for Kaikōura child pricing?

Children are deemed to be anyone 15-years of age and under.

For our family price package, of $417, a family is considered to be 2 adults and 2 children (15 and under) or 1 adult plus 3 children (15 and under).

How long is the Kaikōura tour experience?

From departing EcoZip homebase in Kaikōura to the return drop-off, you should allow about 4 hours.

How do I get to the EcoZip Kaikōura location?

The check in office is conveniently located in central Kaikoura at 11 West End. Here, you’ll head off on a 15-minute scenic shuttle ride south to our “gear-up” and staging location.

If you want to arrive in style, give us a call and we can talk to you about other travel options, including a direct helicopter flight!

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, we highly recommend you book in advance, especially on weekends and in high season.

While you are of course welcome to simply turn up, we may not be able to get you on the next tour departure, so a quick call to our friendly reception team will put you completely in the picture – call us at +64 (0) 3 662 0999.

Do we ride all the ziplines on our tour?

Absolutely! Your Kaikōura EcoZip Adventures experience will have you zipping over our five, state of the art, side-by-side ziplines. From the top of zipline one, you’ll work your way across and down the beautiful slopes of Rakanui Station. Check out The Kaikōura Experience page of our website for more information on your tour experience.

Is there an age and/or weight limit?

There is no age limit, but participants under 18-years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian properly authorised to agree to our Booking Terms and sign our Risk Disclosure Form on the minor’s behalf.

Weight Limits

To participate in the EcoZip experience you need to weigh at least 30kg (66lbs) but not more than 125kg (275lbs).

If you think you or one of your party might be outside these parameters we recommend jumping on a set of bathroom scales to check.

Sadly, and as much as we’d love to ‘zip’ you, if you fall outside these weight limits you won’t be able to participate.

And just so we can never be accused of being ‘weightist’…we discretely weigh everyone at check-in! But don’t worry, no one gets to see what the scales tell us!

Please note, if one of your party is under or over the weight limit at check-in they won’t be automatically entitled to a refund. If we can resell their space then we’d be happy to issue a refund, but we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to resell the space, so it really is important to check if you think you or one of your party may be outside our 30kg (66lbs) to 125kg (275lbs) window.

Will the tour go ahead if it’s raining or very windy?

Firstly, please dress for the unexpected!


Ziplining is a great experience, rain or shine. So we’ll go ahead even if it is raining.

We might be able to lend you a wet weather jacket if you haven’t brought your own, but if you have your own gear we recommend you bring it – refer to our What Do I Need To Bring With Me FAQ question for more information.


If the wind gets above a consistent 35 knots, we may have to cancel the tour for safety’s sake.

If this happens, you’ll have the option to change the time and/or date of your tour, or get a full refund.


View the Ecozip Cancellation and Amendment Policy for more information

How many other people will be in our group?

There may be up to 12 people in your group and you’ll be escorted by 2 highly trained EcoZip guides. Our guides will stay with you for the duration of your tour.

What are your cancellation or amendment conditions?

For full details of our cancellation conditions and information on how you can amend your booking please have a look at our cancellation policy.

What happens if I decide I don’t want to zip?

Nerves are natural and we understand that taking that step off the first take-off deck can be a little a daunting, especially for anyone who has previously had a bit of a fear of heights. But you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of two highly trained and experienced zipline guides, who are there to ensure that you not only have fun, but that you’re safe too. Plus you’re riding some state-of-the-art zipline equipment when you’re at EcoZip Adventures, and all our kit – from harnesses to helmets, from ziplines to guy-cables – are subjected to a rigorous daily, weekly and monthly inspection routine. But even if knowing this you’re still feeling a bit nervous talk to our guides on the day, they’re there to help and we have a few tips and tricks to help you take the plunge!

Sadly if, on the day, you choose to cancel and not to zip we can’t offer you a refund as by the time you’re checked-in and geared-up, we wouldn’t be able to resell your space to other would-be participants. But people deciding not to zip is a real rarity and we’re pretty confident that when you see our set-up you’ll be raring to go!  There’s more info on our safety systems, just in case you need it, on our safety page.

Can I buy a gift voucher?

You sure can – and an EcoZip experience makes a great gift!

You can buy your gift voucher online or, alternatively, contact us and one of our team will be pleased to help you.

What can I take with me on the flying-fox ziplines and forest walk?

You’re very welcome to take a camera, smartphone or GoPro-style video recorder on tour. All we ask is that for the security of your device, and the safety of our other clients, your phone, camera or GoPro is attached to your clothing or harness by a strap or lanyard. If you don’t have a strap or lanyard for your device, at check-in ask our team about our ‘phone bungees’.

If you don’t want to use your device ‘mid zip’ you can also fit an average-sized smartphone or small digital camera in the pouch attached to your zipline harness.

EcoZip Waiheke HQ

  • We had not been on a zip wire before this trip. EcoZip staff were very welcoming and very professional.

    We were well prepared for the zip wires and our guides did a great job making sure we were all set before each run. The walk back to the centre with some information about the local flora and fauna was a great addition. We would thoroughly recommend EcoZip.

    Adam NZ

  • This was a terrific experience, I screamed all the way down all three zip lines. Would definitely recommend it. Brilliant, thank you.

    K Gibbons Manly, Australia

  • We had the best time ever! The instructors were very friendly and made sure that we were all safe.
    The zip lines all had spectacular views. Overall it was amazing!!

    Grace E Paihia, NZ

  • We had not been on a zip wire before this trip. EcoZip staff were very welcoming and very professional. We were well prepared for the zip wires and our guides did a great job making sure we were all set before each run. The walk back to the centre with some information about the local flora and fauna was a great addition. We would thoroughly recommend EcoZip.

    David Clarke Tutukaka, NZ

  • Wow, that’s an amazing day full of discovery and incredible native bush. Loved the zipline! You guys rock.

    Mike McVey Gisborne, NZ

  • Great staff, fun, also enjoyed the short bush walk back up the hill afterwards. Good emphasis on safety.

    whattosay Wanaka, NZ


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